InBrace in Bronzeville

Did you know that it’s possible to straighten your smile without the need to attach metal brackets to the front of your teeth? For years, the only option for orthodontic treatment involved bulky brackets that were completely visible while talking and smiling.

Now, the InBrace lingual braces give you an alternative solution. The InBrace system uses brackets that are attached to the back surface of your teeth, making them almost invisible to other people. This orthodontic system is similar to traditional braces because it uses brackets and wires. But the positioning of the metal materials is more discreet since they aren’t visible on the front of your smile


 Gentleforce® technology, paired with algorithms through advanced computer-modeling, move your teeth efficiently. This process speeds up the treatment time and produces optimal results. You will have a beautiful smile in no time, without the discomfort of bulky braces on the most visible surfaces of your teeth.