Massage Therapy: An Effective Solution For Frozen Shoulder?

What do you mean by a frozen shoulder?


A condition in which inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the shoulder region make it difficult for the shoulder joints to move is known as frozen shoulder. Some of the reasons believed to be liable for frozen shoulders are injury or trauma, autoimmune functioning, and shortage of fluids in the joint. Symptoms of it may basically include dull pain, pain in the outer shoulder area and upper arm, and pain while you move your arm. Consult a shoulder pain specialist near me to get relief from the pain.


How to eliminate pain with massage therapy?


Therapy exercise for frozen shoulder begins with treating the rigidity and pain of the shoulder by heat. One excellent way of the healing process is taking a few hot showers or baths. Preferably, the shoulder pain specialist may apply heat to the shoulder with the use of wraps, heating pads, or towels. Hot water bottles, ointments, and heat creams may also be applied to get relief from the shoulder pain.


People suffering from diabetes, stroke, heart disease, lung disease, or arthritis are more likely to get affected by frozen shoulders. It’s most common in today’s population who are 40 – 60 years old. Women are more likely to do this. People who have a constant injury in the shoulder can also affect the frozen shoulder. In such a case, call the shoulder pain doctor near me.


There Are commonly 3 stages of frozen shoulder; frozen, painful stage, and thawing stage. Basically, a pain management specialist near me will prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines for this condition, but these gentle, slow movements can be completed even when a person is undergoing a course of treatment, and the associated therapies may deliver instant recovery.


When you have the consistency of pain in the shoulder, getting a Massage can not only benefit you by decreasing the pain, but the Massage Therapist should also be able to tell you what is possibly happening in your muscles and joints that may have caused the pain in the first place. The goal is to get to the root of the problem.


What does a massage therapist do?


The Massage Therapist can give you advice on proper stretching techniques and home care tips such as hot/cold therapy. With your help, you can both come up with ideas as to activities and habits you may be doing that could be done in a better way to prevent injury and pain. Sometimes it is as simple as walking with the entirety of your foot and displaying your weight properly. Sometimes it is the shoulders to ears syndrome when someone does not relax their shoulders down and back but holds them up to their ears, causing a major strain on their shoulders and neck. This is simply bad posture and can be corrected if you're aware of it! 


Massage Therapy is wonderful because it makes you so much more aware of your body and the pain patterns that you have going on.


Start young! It is always hardest to work through pain patterns when you've been living with them for 10, 15, 20 years! When you're young you may recuperate quicker but that doesn't mean you're not doing damage. You should receive regular massages as maintenance for your body’s health, starting young. The frequency depends on your lifestyle, how active you are, how much stress you have in your life, and of course, it needs to meet your budget.

If the massage therapy does not offer you expected results and the pain is still constantly bothering you, discuss it with your doctor for shoulder surgery near me.


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