Art Grades 5-6

Adventures in Art History

School Year 2010-2011



Suzanne McGowen



(325) 641-2223


Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday

Supplies Needed

Students need the following supplies for this class
(due in class on Tuesday September 7 or points will be deducted)

1.    One 3-Ring Binder

2.    Loose Leaf Paper (with hole punch)

3.    Pencil

4.    Pen


General Description

This course will be a fast-paced review of art history from prehistoric to the art of “today.”  Students will have hands-on activities to explore the styles and techniques of the world’s greatest artists. Along with learning art history and art vocabulary, students will be making numerous projects related to the art we study.  A weekly sketchbook/art history journey will be kept.

Areas covered

·      Design Elements and Principles

·      Art Techniques

·      Two-dimensional and three-dimensional art

·      Art Styles

·      Art Careers


Course Objectives

§  Identify and utilize the elements of art and the principles of design.

§  Create artwork reflecting a range of concepts ideas and subject matter

§  Keep a sketchbook/art history journal

§  Analyze, evaluate, and form critical responses towards art

§  Demonstrate proper and safe use of art tools and supplies




Complete Studio Work……………..50%

Art History Journal/Sketches……………………...30%


Professional Points,
Class Participation & Cleanup……...10%


Your grade is not dependant on artistic ability…but you must put forth quality effort.


How Will the Art Projects be graded?

I consider three main things in evaluating student’s design work:

1.    Effort (visible in the work and/or demonstrated in class; spend quality time on your work!) ?

2.    Creativity (how original your work is) ?

3.    Following Directions (did you explore the assignment as given?)





Homework assignments related to class activities may periodically be assigned. Students will be informed of assignments and due dates.

Scheduled help sessions

Students may come and get help or complete missing assignments by signing up with the teacher in advance.  Times to be announced later. My goal is to help you succeed in every endeavor.

Teacher/Parent communication

Class Website:

ARTSONIA art gallery from class:

Parents are welcome to contact me via email, 
Please arrange a personal conference if needed.

Absence Policy

Unexcused absences will take away daily points.  Excused absences will not affect students grade and extra time will be granted for student to complete project. 


Make-Up Work Procedures

Upon returning to school following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher for make-up work 



Professional Points

Students are given 100 Professional Points at the beginning of each semester. Points are taken away for not following classroom procedures. Students will be given a copy of the proper classroom procedures to sign acknowledging they are aware of the rules.?

Extra credit opportunities will be available at specific times during the semester; they are not given on an as needed basis. It is wise to bank extra credit points in case you need them later.?

Points deducted for: unexcused absences, tardiness, uniform infraction, missed homework, coats/sweaters not hung in locker, using cell phones during school hours (-10 points in addition to $25 fee), class interruptions, disregard of VLA standards of behavior.

Extra points may be given randomly for the following: obeying authority with a cheerful heart, being courteous, being respectful, having a positive attitude, Inspiring others to good works, Promptness, Preparedness, Following uniform code

Extra credit opportunities TBA by teacher