Sharing Days for PM Session

Sharing Days

PM Session 

Mondays – ·      Felonica ·      Calvin ·      Maia

Wednesdays – ·      Logan ·      Claire

Fridays – ·      Alessia ·      Colton

Sharing days are an opportunity for your child to share with the class his/her interests.  It gives your child the chance to develop communication skills and build self-esteem.  It also allows all of us to get to know your child.  Most children cannot wait until it is their special sharing day.  We ask that the items come to school in their bag and remain there until sharing time.  Your child does not have to bring something to share on his/her sharing day; it is here for when they would like to share.  There will also be “Special Days” where your child will be asked to find specific things to share which will extend the learning of concepts in the classroom.  The newsletters will have specific details about “Special Sharing Days”