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Name of Activity: Happy Days


Curriculum Area: Days of the Week


Age of Children: kindergartens


Materials needed: (number and list all items needed to complete the lesson)

Kid friendly colorful Calendar (its better if it’s handmade), and a pointer,


Objectives: (purpose of lesson- objectives should be measurable)

The class will be able to identify all the days of the week through song.

The teacher will know that this activity was measurable is when the children can sings this without the teachers help. And as each child point to the days of the week as the song is sung it will help them identify the days of the week better.  


Introduction: (What will you do or say to introduce the activity and motivate the children?)  I would say “Good morning Class it’s time for us to find out what is today’s date and I will give a short lesson on days of the week (each of the numbered rows represent a week-lets practice ). We will began by having (I will pick one helper to point to the calendar) point to the day of the week as we sing our happy days song (have the class repeat after me first once I have recited the song for them.)


Procedures: (how the lesson will progress – give clear, specific directions)

The teacher will have the calendar helper takes the pointer and points to name of each day on the calendar as the whole class sings the “Happy Days theme song”


Sunday, Monday...Happy days,
Tuesday, Wednesday... Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
what a day-y-y,
Groovin all week with you!!!! 
(Twist down to the floor and back up while singing this part)

These are yours and my happy days!!!!

The calendar helper takes the pointer and points to name of each day on the
calendar as we sing.


 Evaluation: (write questions you may ask the children during and/or after the activity. Ask a variety of questions including open ended questions. Avoid questions that children can answer with a simple “yes” or “no”. How will you know that your measurable goals were accomplished?


1.      What is your favorite day of the week?

2.      What types of activities do most people do on Saturday?

3.      What types of activities do most people do on Sunday?

4.      Can anyone tell me what days of the week do we join together in class?

5.      And from what Miss. Brown stated what month are we in now?

6.      What is the name of our days of the week song?

7.      Will you go home and share it with mom and dad?

8.      Take a good look at the calendar what day is it today?

9.      And from what we’ve learned so far what number lays on this day?