Grading Policy

Partecipazione / Participation – 10%

It is important to practice a new language as much as possible. Therefore, everybody must participate EVERYDAY. I will call on students randomly, but you receive more credit for volunteering!

à Lateness & Absences: Being late or absent a lot will affect your participation grade!  Being on time means that you are in your seat as the bell rings. If you know that you will be coming late to class, please get a slip from the main office. If you are absent, you should contact me or ask a classmate for the homework assignment.  You will be responsible to make up any work that you missed within one (1) full day of your absence.

Contratto Sociale / Social Contract – 10%

We will follow a Social Contract. We will all have a hand in making the Contract, and it is a very important part of making our learning environment successful! The outline is provided on the back and will be filled in together after we discuss it.

Il Compito / Homework – 15%

Assignments are due at the start of each class period in the basket at the door.  It will be graded based on a checkmark system. Late homework will not be accepted, only marked as a zero. If there is an issue, please feel free to come and talk to me about it!

Esami / Exams – 20%

We will have a total of three major unit exams.  There will also be two announced quizzes before each of the exams.  Each quiz is worth 10 points and the exam is worth 80 points, for a total of 100 points per each unit.  Make-up exams and quizzes must be scheduled with me during YOUR free period, and must be done within a week that you missed it or else it will count as a zero.

Composizioni / Compositions – 20%

You will be assigned four (4) short compositions for this class on a choice of topics that will be discussed later. Compositions are to be typed out, in 12 size Times New Roman font, at least 150 words, and due at the very start of the class period in the basket at the door.

Progetto Finale / Final Project – 25%

A final project will be required for our class that you may work on by yourself, or with a partner. The project will be based around Italian culture and require some research that will be done both in and out of class.  It will require you to read, write and speak basic Italian.  We will talk more about this as a group further along and it will be broken down into steps during the course.