Question 1


Write a complete sentence using the words given words.

1.  coronavirus - disease


2. people - social distancing


3.Italy  -  rate of death - China


4.wear masks - hands sanitizer


5. lockdown - spreading- diseases.





Question 2.


  Words Formation


1 .Will you keep your New Year's ___________________? (resolute)

2. It was such a hot night that i had a cold shower to  _____________myself. (refresh)

3. A ____________house burns more easily than a stone house. (wood)

4. He's a star in England, but completely _______________ in France. ( know)

5. I can't afford to buy a ______________car, much less a new one.(use)

6.Mary told Sam that sometimes all you have to do is ask for ______________.(forgive)

7.Everyone in the picture is smiling ___________. (happy)

8.Logical thinking is my _______________. (strong)

9.Mosquitoes are ______________insects. (harm)

10.This is a very _____________story. (entertain)



Question 3.

Choose the correct answer from the list below. Write the correct form of the verbs.

( look after, bring up, blow over, call off, carry away, give back, pass away , run away,  fall on, get through)


1. The cyclone __________ last night.

2.The doctors _____________the sick people.

3.Tom Swayer _______________ by his Aunt Polly.

4. The heavy rainfall ______________the top fertile soil.

5.The meeting was _____________due to the lastness of the chairman.

6. The hungry lion _________________on the poor foal.

7.You should strive your best to_________your examination this time.

8.Mr Simon _______the old lady ________her stolen purse.

9. The thieves __________ on seeing the policemen.

10. My neighbour _____________last week.



Question 4