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I have the great pleasure to invite the grade 6 students on this website to encourage and motivate them to keep on working constantly during this lockdown period.  The effectiveness of home-based learning will contribute immensely  for the forthcoming exams following resumption of schools.  

All lessons elaborated in the assignment are related to the grade 5 and part of the grade 6 syllabus to enhance the concepts learned one year ago and which we revisited recently.

For those who have a printer, you can print the worksheets.   Otherwise,  I would appreciate if the kids can copy the questions in a copybook and work out the exercises neatly as explained in tuition.

Answer sheets will also be provided as soon the kids have completed and sent their tasks via Whatsapp by the respective due dates.


I will be communicating with  the parents via Whatsapp to assist you access the home assignments and submit the respective answers.


Practice makes perfect.