Classroom Rules and Procedures

Basic Class Rules:

·        Be present and on time.

·        Be prepared with materials and assignments.

·        Be on task and educationally oriented.

·        Be nice / respectful to all.


1.  In case of emergency, stop what you are doing.  Turn off equipment – especially gas burners and hot plates (unplug and remove everything to a safe place).  Close doors and windows near you.  Walk quickly, quietly, and with consideration for others, following the designated exit plan.  Pay attention to what is happening around you, and be alert for any directions that may differ from the normal procedure.  Help each other – hold doors, etc.  Stay with your class if possible.  If you evacuate in a different area, stay there and report your location to the principal as she circulates.

2.  Fire Drill:  Exit to the hallway, turn left and go out the west doors.  Move away from the building and stay together.

3.  Weather Drill:  Exit to the hallway and take a protected position.

4.  Standby/Lockdown: All doors will be locked quickly.  If you are in the hallway or outside, you will have to move fast or you will be locked out.  Only someone with a room key can get you back into a room.  Remain calm and quiet.  Lights may be turned off.  Stay away from windows and doors.

5.  Walk, do not run, into the room before the beginning of class.  You have four minutes between classes, if you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you will be counted tardy.  After three tardies to this class in one semester, you will earn detention time.

6.  When you arrive, please come in and sit down quietly.  Please power up your computer and log onto SynchronEyes for roll.  There will be an assignment for you to do right away.  Do not wait for the bell to ring to begin the assignment.

7.  If you are tardy and just arriving at school, go to the office for a slip.  Otherwise, report directly to class.  You will be indicated as tardy.

8.  Bring all needed materials with you.  If I allow you to return to your locker for something you forgot, plan to make up the missed time after school at a three-for –one rate.  Please do not bring backpacks into the classroom.

9.  Plan to spend class time on class work.  Please be on task for the entire class period.  If you tend to finish early, you may bring other work to do or something to read.

10.  Take care of drinks and bathroom needs during your passing time.  If you must be excused during class, plan to make up the missed time after school at a three-for –one rate.  If you must leave the room, you must sign out, sign in, and have a pass with you.

11.  If you become ill and must leave the room quickly, please try to alert me or a friend to let me know what is happening.

12.  Work until the end of class.  When the bell rings, you may quit working and gather your materials.  Please do not leave your seat until I tell you that you are dismissed.  Please walk out of the room in a quiet and orderly fashion.  7th hour class, please stack chairs and help straighten the room before you leave. 

13.  If you are absent, get a make-up slip before school when you return.  Allow time to do this without being tardy.  Give the slip to me, or place it in the designated place on the desk, before class starts.  If I have not filled it out and returned it to you by the last 10 minutes of class, please remind me about it politely.  If I must send you to the office or another classroom to get your slip, you will have to make up the time out of class after school.

14.  Makeup work is due by the date on the slip.  I will sign slips when the work is completed.  Check and make sure I sign the slips.

15.  Please place activity makeup slips on my desk before class starts.  If several of you have activity slips for the same time/event, I may write the assignment on the board/overhead for you to copy to your slip.  Make sure I sign the slip as soon as you have completed the work.

16.  If you are present when an assignment is given, it is due the day you return to school.  If you are present when a test is announced, you will take it the day you return to school – extended absence will be taken into consideration.

17.  If I need your attention, I will raise my hand.  Please freeze, look at me, and listen carefully (Stop, Look, and Listen).  If I think you may not see my hand, I may say, “Listen up”.  Please stop, look, and listen.  I may request “Lids down” when I need your undivided attention.  Please close your tablet and participate in the class activity.

18.  When the teacher is talking, you should be quiet and attentive.

19.  It will help you to be an active listener.  Try to take notes on examples as we go over them and on everything else that may be of use later.  Ask pertinent questions right away.

20.  Please do not interrupt or disrupt other students’ learning opportunities.  Keep your hands, pencils, pens, lab equipment, and remarks to yourself.

21.  Please stay in your assigned seat unless you have a valid reason to move about, such as sharpening a pencil or collecting materials.  If you must move about, please do so carefully and with consideration for others.

22.  If you need to sharpen your pencil, do so quietly and quickly as possible without disturbing others.  There should only be one person at the pencil sharpener at a time.

23.  Please do not open drawers in the teacher’s desk or disturb things on the top – other than to use a stapler, etc.  Do not use the teacher’s computer.

24.  Do not disturb other students’ possessions.  If it is not yours, please leave it alone.

25.  If I ask a specific student a specific question – please give that student a chance to answer the question.  If you have more information or wish to ask a question, please raise your hand, wait to be recognized, and answer politely.

26.  To indicate your understanding, if I ask, “Do you understand?”, “OK?”, or “Got it?”, please respond by nodding if you do or shaking your head if you do not.  Please feel free at any time to raise your hand if you have a relevant question or believe that you see an error in our work. 

27.  Please remove any ragged edges from your papers before handing them in.  Do not tear corners or other pieces off your papers.  Disregarding this procedure will result in a grade reduction.

28.  Use the approved heading on the top of your assignments.  If there is more than one sheet, please be sure your name is on all sheets.  It is okay to use the back of the paper.

29.  Please keep your work neat and well organized.  If I cannot read your work, you will not earn credit.

30.  If you are not told that an assignment is group work, please assume it is to be done individually.

31.  If you are working together, please be sure to share methods and ideas, not just answers.  That would be considered cheating.  Students not doing their own work will notice a problem at test time.

32.  If, during the course of taking a quiz or a test, a student insists on talking, I will confiscate the test and the student will earn a zero.  If a student cheats on a quiz or test, I will mark the test and the student will earn a zero on the quiz/test.  If a student is aiding another student in cheating (not covering answers, placing test so answers may be seen, etc.), that student will also receive a zero.  I will NOT make a fuss over the cheating during the event, but will later speak with the student(s) in a one-to-one situation. I may also inform the office and the parents/guardians of the incident.

33.  There will be no sunglasses worn in this room, unless they are prescription, for indoors, and the prescription (or the doctor’s note) is on file in the office.

34.  Your tablet should be available and ready for work, unless you have been advised otherwise.  Please be sure that the task bar at the bottom of the page is always open. 

35.  Follow all the rules in the student and technology handbooks.