Field Investigator Report 1


From: Lead Investigator

To: Dr. X Task Force Teams

Re: Airport Raid

Case #XYBEOS9398




SWAT team was deployed to DuPage Airport.  Unfortunately the suspects and victim were no longer there.  A search of the airport revealed that no one was present fitting the descriptions of our suspects.  The white Ford cargo van with the broken side mirror and stolen plate Illinois X23 2253 was found parked in long term parking and appears to be abandoned.   Camera footage shows the suspects and victim did not leave the airport in another vehicle.  

Only one flight left the DuPage airport during the time in question.  It was a private plane with tail number X375X.  The owner of the plane is listed as Xenon Industries, a known shell corporation of Dr. X.  

The pilot did file a flight plan that shows the plane was headed to Lydd Airport.  You will need to do some research and report back the location of this airport.  Please report back here


A team of technicians is in contact with the FAA to track the plane and meet it when it lands.  Please be diligent and await further updates.    


                                                                                                                                               Andrea Martinez

                                                                                                                                              SWAT team commander