Diagon Alley

Here are the items you may purchase for accumulated  AP.  I reserve the right to change the prici.

ng for items at any time.  Be sure to monitor your email for the occasional sale!  To purchase an immediate item, let Professor Vasher know.  For all other items complete the Google Form and let Professor Vasher know that you have requested something.


Classroom Rewards

  1. Musico Portus! (100ap) - Listen to music in singleplayer mode for a class period!  *May not be used during instructional time.  Be sure to BYOEB (Brirng your own earbuds)
  2. Lavatorium Portus! (150ap) - Yes, it costs AP to go to the bathroom when it's not a scheduled break time.  :'(
  3. Lo Spazio Portus! (100ap) - You can go to your locker to get something with this item (after the first five minutes of class) and it won't count as a tardy!
  4. Mangio! (300ap) - Join me for lunch!!
  5. Accio Candy! (100ap) - Dying for a snack?  Enjoy a piece of candy from the candy jar!
  6. Accio Slippers! (100ap) - Need to relax?  Wear slippers in the BullPen for one day!
  7. Premio Tabula! (100ap) - Be the first table called for everything for 1 week!
  8. Stupify Tabula! (250ap) - Need a little revenge?  Force another table to be called last for everything for 1 week!
  9. Accio Pandora! (150ap) - I will turn on Pandora for some music during work time one day!
  10. Accio Snack! (150ap) - Bring a snack from home and eat it in class one day!
  11. Pencil Repairo! (200ap) - Get a brand new mechanical pencil for free!
  12. Accio Drink! (200ap) - Get a drink whenever you want for 1 week!
  13. Accio Comfy Chair! (250ap) - Sit in the comfy rolling chair for a day!
  14. Accio Hat! (200ap) - Wear a hat in class for a day!
  15. Obliterate! (250ap) - Don't wear shoes in class for a day!
  16. Accio House Snack! (350ap) - Bring in a snack for the whole class one day (this would work for Birthdays)!
  17. Exchango! (400ap) - Trade desks with someone for a week!

Quest Rewards

  1. Wingardium Leviosa! (600ap) - On the cusp of earning the next letter grade?  This item will give you the lift up you need!
  2. Premio! (100ap) - Have your Quest or Brain Quest graded first!
  3. Alohomora! (300ap) - Past a due date and the Quest is closed?  Need an extension on a due date without earning a penalty? Unlock it with this item!  
  4. Poinsaugeo! (200ap) - Boost any Quest's XP by 10% (cannot be used on OWLs or NEWTs)
  5. Confundus Side Questo! (450ap) - Turn this in instead of your homework one day!
  6. Stupefy! (400ap) - Use this to skip Bell Quest for a day!
  7. Confundus Questo! (600ap) - Confund and confound Professor Vasher with this charm.  Use this to skip one assignment (Quests only - not for use with NEWTs or OWLs)!
  8. Randomize! (100ap) - Don't like your randomly assigned order for a presentation?  Go back into the drawing with this item!
  9. Tribute (150ap) - Don't like your randomly assigned order for a presentation?  Nominate a Tribute to go in your place!

Game Rewards


  1. Polyjuice Potion (200ap) - Surprise a Quidditch Team by changing their name to something else!
  2. Virataserum (250ap) - A victim of the Polyjuice Potion? Bring on the truth! Change your name back!
  3. Evanesco! (150ap) - Cause 2000XP to vanish from a Quidditch Team or Entire Class on the leaderboard!!! (does not apply to grades)
  4. Reducto! (200ap) - Force another Quidditch Team to only earn 50% of XP for any quest (including NEWTs and OWLs)!! (applies to leaderboard only - not grades)
  5. Protego! (250 ap) - Protect yourself (secretly) against any unfriendly charms against your Quidditch Team for 30 days.  If another Quidditch Team attempts to curse you, they will waste their AP!!!