Math Test Unit #1 Number Patterns and Place Value is on

Tues. Oct. 8th


Language Presentations

Current Events

Every Friday Students will share a current event news article with the class. Each sstudent will present and share their article with the class. They need to select an article they understand and respond to the written Current Events handout in the Green Reading Duotang. 

Here are some websites they can use to get the article. 






 Monthly Book Projects

Every month we will have a Book Project Presentation. This is an oral presentation think of it like a commercial to "sell" the book you just read. Students should include a free choice Visual Aid to help the class learn about the book you are sharing. Be creative and have fun with this Book Talk and inspire others to love reading!

* Bring in a copy of your book to show the class

* Choose a paragraph of your favourite part to read aloud to the class

*Give the book a rating out of 5 Stars and explain your rating (why you gave it the score you did) who would most likely enjoy or not enjoy reading this book and why

* Write a paragraph about your book include a hook, setting, characters, plot, a cliffhanger (don't give away the ending) and your opinion of the book

* Create a Visual Aid for your book to share with the class



Who Is GREEN? 

How can you help the environment? 

Every Monday students will share what they did to reduce, reuse and recycle earth, water, air and energy. Make choices based on your experience. Is there something unenvironmental going on that makes you upset? Do some research or take action to make a positive change to help the environment. 

Students should draw a picture illustrating what you did and write about how you helped the environment. Be prepared to share with the class. 

Some Great websites to visit are: