There are many famous attractions in the city of Barcelona. I will tell you about the many famous attractions that people often visit in Barcelona.

   1. One of the famous attractions in Barcelona is the church done by Guadi,Antoni called the Sagrada Familia. This church is visited by more than 2,056,448 people each year. When people go to the city of Barcelona its almost like a must to see this famous attraction.

   2. Another famous attraction is the L'Aquirium de Barcelona which is the aquirium in Barcelona. This aquirium is visted by about 1,375,271 a year. I'm guessing the most famous visitors are kids.

   3. The next famous attractio in the city of Barcelona is the Poble Espanyol de Montjuic. In english that is known as the Spanish Village. The Spanish Village is different course that show the style of different houses in Barcelona.

            These are some of the many Attractions in Barcelona. Here are some picture.....