Somethings' About Me

Green eggs and Ham, I do not eat them in a house, I do not eat them with a mouse, Dr. Seuss clipart gif.*

* Reading Workshop  
Student Motivation 

* Writing Workshop 

* Parent-Teacher Communication

* Guided Reading 

* Reading and writing across the curriculum

* Book Clubs

* Creative Lesson Planning 

* ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies

Clipart - sunflower. fotosearch  - search clipart,  illustration posters,  drawings and vector  eps graphics images 
My Favorite Things

Color: Purple,Brown and Fuschi
Beverage: Cherry Coke
Snack: Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Food: Italian
Holiday: Christmas
TV Show: Friends
Kids Show: The Rugrats & Recess
Scent: Vanilla
Flower: Sunflowers
Children's Book: The Giving Tree
       Candy: Butterfinger and Butterscotch
School Subject to Teach: Reading and Writing
Hobbies: Reading