Mrs. Hollis' World

Welcome to High School World History and English classes with Mrs. Hollis! 

My schedule of the day is as follows:

1st hour - 8:20-9:13 - English 3B

2nd hour - 9:17-10:10 - English 2B

3rd hour - 10:14-11:07 - World History

4th hour - 11:11-12:04 - World History

LUNCH - 12:04-12:25

5th hour - 12:29-1:22 - English I

6th hour - 1:26-2:19 - PREP HOUR

7th hour - 2:23-3:16 - Engilsh I


As you can see, I have a busy schedule!  But that's not all!  On Mondays from 3:16-5:15 I am in my classroom for our after school tutoring program.  If you are struggling with concepts or just finished homework on time, feel free to sign up in the counselor's office for after school help. 

I also co-sponsor High School Scholar Bowl with Mrs. Susan Reed and Mr. Ed Newton.  We hold practice from 3:15-4:15 after school every Tuesday in Mr. Newton's room.