The Journey of Vi's Teaching Experiences

                   VI's TEACHING PHILOSOPHY 


The following website details my continuous teaching experiences which meet the requirements from the seven elements of the NSW Institute of Teaching . The statements of "I Believe" act as an underlying foundation of my teaching philosophy. I perceive my "I Believe" statements as the most integral part of my professional commitment. This lends itself into the realms of "I haves and I needs and I wills", which demonstrate the processes I have underwent to further my professional practice and knowledge. Incorporated in my website are evidence to support my statements, and these evidence are annotated to explain the way they support how I have satisfied the requirements from the seven elements.

My approach to teaching is that as a teacher I am one of the prominent guides in my students' lives. My life long goal is to guide and encourage my students to strive hard to reach tneir maximum potential in every aspects of their lives- whether it will be through their educational experiences, or establishing healthy relationships with their peers and the people in their lives. I see my role as a teacher is to instil in my students a love of learning and school which will see them through the many years ahead.

Every child has a different approach to learning, and as a teacher, I wish to accomodate all these learning styles. The learning procoess is not only restricted to the classroom environment- it is a lifelong process. Learning is a whole body experience, therefore I wish to broaden my students' minds and make them excel not only within their academic subjects but also in other aspects of their lives. Learning should not only be limited to the curriculum theory focus- it is also about exposing students to movement, creative thinking, music, drama and art. It should encourage critical thinking and positive relationships amongst students, allowing them to think outside the square and reach out further to achieve their goals and aspirations.

I do not want my students to perceive learning as a tedious and odious experience- I want it to be a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all who are involved. My teaching goal is for my students to walk away with something meaningful and significant from their learning experiences within my classroom in which they can apply it to their life experiences.