Element 5- Teachers Create and Maintain Safe Learning Environments




I believe that it is important for teachers to create an environment which students feel safe and comfortable to learn in. I feel that teachers need to provide an environment in which their student feels comfortable to voice their opinions. An effective classroom environment is one where classroom rules are set out in a clear manner (Petty, 2006, p. 3). The process of setting out these classroom rules should be negotiated between the classroom teacher and the students so that the students feel that they have autonomy and responsibility over their learning (Petty, 2006, p. 3).  Those teachers who are discouraging, critical, or appear unenthusiastic will evoke little contribution from their students. I believe that it is crucial for all teachers to always encourage their students to participate in class discussions, whether their answers are correct or incorrect. Teachers need to show understanding and support towards their students, and regard every answer as valid and important.  It is important for teachers to show enthusiasm in their teaching, because showing genuine warmth, enthusiasm and humour will demonstrate to students that I am happy to be there teaching them (McInerney & McInerney, 2006, p. 18).

I have designed and implemented a lesson on calculators which my previous practicum teacher found to be “extremely set out step by step.” She also claimed that by beginning the lesson with a mind map of who would use calculator, “it made the lesson meaningful and relevant”. My prac teacher also stated that I “gave each child a turn to demonstrate and explain” their answers, which made them “all felt valued and a part of the lesson”.

I will ensure that my classroom is a positive and happy environment where students feel comfortable to learn in. I will demonstrate to my students the value of communication, and develop a mutual respect between my students and myself. I will encourage my students to give everything a go, so that they do not feel intimidated to take risks in participating in classroom discussions and activities. I will be a teacher that carries both traits of being dominant, yet cooperative, which is encouraged by Theo Wubbels (cited in Petty, 2006, p. 6).

I need to revise all the strategies which other teachers have used, and come up with an effective behaviour management strategy which I can implement in my own classroom. I need to use more strategies to inform my students that their great work is being recognised and appreciated.  It is important for students to see that there is direction in their learning, therefore I need to provide clear instructions for classroom activities and engage students in meaningful learning experiences.  



PURPLE – 5.1.1 Demonstrate a variety of strategies to develop rapport with students. By exploring the different cultural backgrounds which enter the classrooms, this will enable students to see that I respect and view Australia as a multicultural society. I am demonstrating to my students that I have a respect for the different cultural backgrounds which enter my classroom. Providing my students of the knowledge I have about the celebration of Eid shows them the value I place upon other cultural backgrounds.  

GREEN – 5.1.3 Demonstrate strategies to create a positive environment supporting student effort and learning. When asking students for their input of a particular cultural celebration that they participate in, this shows my students that their ideas and opinions are valued within the classroom environment. Asking students to share their celebration encourages students to be proud of their cultural background.