Sea Creature Report

This report will be a paper about a sea creature that your child would like to learn more about.  The requirements are: The report will be 5 paragraphs long.  Each paragraph must have at least 5 sentences.  A hand drawn and colored picture of the sea creature must be included. 

Paragraph 1 (Introduction)

a.       How common is your sea creature?  Where would you find it on a map of the ocean? (1 sentence)

b.       What does your sea creature look like in terms of size, shape, color and any unique descriptions?  (3 sentences)

c.       The last sentence should lead to the following paragraphs.  Example: Here are some interesting facts about ________.

Paragraph 2 (Habitat)

a.       What kind of surrounding does your sea creature like?

b.       How deep in the ocean does your sea creature live?

c.       Does your sea creature swim constantly or migrate?

d.       Does it hide?

e.       Does it have any unique habits?

Paragraph 3 (Offspring)

a.       How many offspring does your sea creature typically have at one time?

b.       How often does your sea creature have offspring?

c.       Does your sea creature lay eggs or give birth to offspring? 

d.       When the offspring are born, do they look like small adults or are they undeveloped?

e.       How long do the parents stay with their offspring after they are born?

Paragraph 4 (Food)

a.       What does the sea creature eat?

b.       How does it get its food?

c.       How much does it eat at one time?

d.       How long does it go in between meals?

Paragraph 5 (Conclusion-the importance of your sea creature)

a.       How does your sea creature die?  Is it eaten by other sea creatures or are humans destroying its habitat?

b.       Is your sea creature endangered or threatened?

c.       How does your sea creature contribute to the environment?

Date: The report is due on October 27, 2010.  Make sure your child turns in the report in a folder with a title page.  Report can be typed or handwritten.