The ABC's of Kindergarten

ABC’s for Kindergarten Parents

An Apple:       

     An apple for the teacher,

     It’s really nothing new.

     Except when you remember,

     Parents are teachers too!

Books and Puzzles: We start each day with books and puzzles. Students and their parent,  grandparent or family friend are encouraged to do this quietly together as a start to the day. Please say your goodbyes by 9:00.

Centers: Our classroom will be set up in centers and stations. We will begin using these slowly, one or two at a time, so students thoroughly understand what is expected of them.

Discipline: I believe in positive discipline and positive reinforcement, but in order to provide a safe and happy environment, it is important to have rules and guidelines for behavior in the classroom.

Eating at school:  We have healthy food discussions in the classroom and I encourage the children (and parents) to bring healthy choices for snacks. We will have a snack in the morning, lunch at noon, and another snack in the afternoon. We do not have kitchen facilities available to heat food so please send food that does not require a microwave.

Field Trips:  We will be going on several field trips this year. We will need volunteers to drive students. If you plan on driving, please register at the office before our first trip in October.

Gym activities:  We have gym three times a week. Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately on those days, no dresses for the girls.

Homework Calendars:  A homework calendar will be sent home at the beginning of each month. Each day has a simple activity for your child to complete. Put a star on the calendar for each day that the homework is completed and return the sheet at the end of the month. This is an optional activity and is meant to be enjoyable.

Illness: If your child has a fever or has been sick to his/her stomach, they should be kept home for 24 hours after the fever has disappeared.

Juice: We encourage students to drink water at school. We have a classroom water cooler for drinking water so we ask parents to only send juice on Fridays.

Kindergarten News:  Each month I try to write a newsletter about the events/lessons that happened in the past month  on our web page. I will also let parents know of any events, etc. in the upcoming month. 

Library: We will go to the school library once a week. Each child will be able to take our one book. Please return the book on time so your child will be able to choose a new book.

Music: We sing a lot in Kindergarten. Ask your child to sing the songs at home too.

No toys, please!: The students are not allowed to bring toys to school except on their show and tell day.

Outdoor play: The students will be going outdoors to play at recess and lunch. Please make sure they have suitable outdoor clothes for the weather.

Parties: We will have several “parties” or celebrations throughout the year. We celebrate most holidays and seasonal events.

Quiet time: We have quiet time each day. The children may look at books or simply rest.

Report Cards: Report cards will be sent home in November, March, and at the end of June. There will be a parent-teacher conference in November and a student-led conference in March.

School Supplies: Each parent is asked to send $20.00 to school and the school will purchase the supplies for each Kindergarten classroom.

Time: Please wait for the 8:45 bell before coming into the classroom in the morning.

Units: We study different units or themes each week. Our first theme will be “Our Classroom”.

Visit us: Parent volunteers are welcome to help in the classroom. After the first month when children have settled into the classroom routines, I will put up a calendar outside the classroom for parents to sign up.

Website: Our class website is: 

Once there you can access View Royal's website by clicking on the happy face iconàCool.

X-tra clothing: We keep extra sets of clothes at school for accidents and puddles. If your child comes home in our extras, please wash them and send them back to school.

You: You play an important part in your child’s progress.  Read to him/her every night and discuss letters and numbers at every opportunity!

ZZZzzz: Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest. When children are tired they do not do well in school.