At-Home Activities


Here are some different activities and sites you can try while "homeschooling" during our time off:

P. E.

GoNoodle at Home



Epic! Sign In




The Cincinnati Zoo has a daily Home Safari at 3:00 p.m. (4:00 p.m. our time). This looks like a fun "Virtual Field Trip", plus they give an activity to do afterward. I believe you can go back and watch the past ones on youtube.

Home Safari

St. Louis Dairy Council activities (Adopt-a-Cow program)


Social Studies/Art (Virtual Field Trips)

Virtual Field Trips


Farm Tours


Directed Drawing Lessons 

(I'm sorry that they're on their side, but I tried to turn it. It just didn't stay.)

Bird or Chick to draw

Bunny to draw

Flower to draw

Flower directions

Flower Labels


Family Activities

Baking Activity