Thank a Farmer Friday

August Baking Project

We used zucchini ( a popular squash grown) and made brownies. The kids were hesitant to try them, but most thought they were pretty good. They did, however, love the homemade ice cream. We talked about how all the ingredients came from products from farmers. We had a good time eating our goodies!

Here are some pictures and the recipes that we used. Hope you can enjoy them at home!

Thank a Farmer Friday--August


September Baking

Johnny Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed was born on September 26, so we did some math activities with apples and graphs. On Friday, we baked Apple Dumplings for our snack. They were pretty yummy.

Thank a Farmer Friday--September


October Baking

I asked the class if they wanted something like potatoes or something sweet, and they chose something sweet. So, we made Devil Dogs. The kids did a good job of following directions. They were yummy!

Thank a Farmer Friday--October


November/December Baking

Since we had so many November birthdays and it was a short month, we baked Christmas cookies the 9th of December. We gave some of the cookies to those who work in the offices, the cooks, the janitors, and the Edwards County Sheriff department. I hope the students understand it's better to give than receive.

Thank a Farmer Day; Nov./Dec.