About Me


                  Hi! My name is Whitney Leab and I am happy to be your student's 4th grade teacher! This is my second year of teaching at Vance and I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful school. College of CharlestonGreensboro College


I originally pursued my degree in International Business at the College of Charleston. I graduated in 2005 from The College. Shortly thereafter, I realized I was not in the field I was meant for. I then returned to school at Greensboro College. I was an active student at the college and even was an assistant coach of the women's soccer team. I earned my licensure in Elementary Education in 2010.  I plan to continue my education and will be pursuing my masters in education in the upcoming year.


            I am originally from Greensboro, N.C. and found my calling in teaching, even before I realized it. When I was a child, I recieved a chalkboard for a birthday gift. I wanted to have my friends over so I could teach them how to add and subtract. I have worked with children, in one aspect or another, throughout all of my life. These experiences have made me stronger and more knowledgeable about children and their learning processes.

            I truly love teaching and will go the distance to ensure that your student reaches his or her potential. It is my goal to create an safe and nurturing classroom environment, which encourages and challenges each student to succeed.


           I believe that it is important to experience many things in life. I have spent a semester abroad in Trujillo, Spain, where I lived with a, non English speaking WHATSOEVER family. As a result I am fluent in conversational Spanish. I also like to remain very active. I play on an Adult Kickball team and we have won the past three seasons! I was recently married (October, 2010) and have a dog named Brown (and yes... he is brown.). I also enjoy doing art projects and "learning" to cook.