Parent Resources


Here you will find great resources to help your student practice his, or her, academics at home.

I will choose some to put into the "Teacher's Picks."

You will also find many more if you click on the images below.



 Teacher's Picks 

**NEW**EOG Practice Site - This site will help your student practice EOG like questions.

 Picture Book Maker - This website is a great writing resource. Your student will be able to write an illustrate their own picture book.

Free Rice - This website will donate food to the hungry for each answer a student gets correct!

National Geographic Kids Great website to help students explore the world around them.

Sheppards Software This website provides good practice games for improving math skills.

Read - Write - Think: This site is a great resource for practicing writing skills, including, poetry and letter writing.  * You will probably need to help your student navigate this page! 

Scholastic - This website is a good site for the students to browse on during their track-out. It has many academic activities, games and articles. It is fun and educational! 





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