Biology! The Study of Life!


This is the class website for Mr. Orr's Biology Class at Becker Middle School. Feel free to explore our page, and contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have! I will be using Remind101 to send email/text message reminders to you and your students about upcoming exams, homework due dates, as well as other announcements! While the website is still under construction, I'll have the bulk of it up and running in time for the start of the school year. I look forward to an enriching and meaningful school year full of both academic as well as personal advancements and achievements with each of my students, and their families! 

As the school year goes on and the website develops, I'll be sending home individual personalized logins for you/your student. This login will give you access to your personal private page, where I will post grades, attendance information, as well as other messages/announcements that are for your families eyes only! These logins are NOT to be shared with any other student. Ideally, other teachers within our school (as well as our district) will begin to use secure web platforms such as this for private two-way communications between students, teachers, and families. 

To Subscribe to Remind101 Text Messages: Simply text @hcgbf8 to 203-763-4507

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My email address is, any emails to this email WILL be received and answered within 48 hours

Attached is a copy of the letter I sent home with your student on the first day of class! Please read over it with your student, this will aid in establishing a strong triangle of communication!

 October 10, 2016

 Mr. Nicolas Orr

Biology Teacher

Becker Middle School

1221 1st Street

Reno, NV 89523


My name is Nicolas “Nick” Orr,  and I am your student’s Biology teacher.  This is my first year teaching, and I could not be more excited to start the year with your child! I will be using for our class website.  The website contains: our class expectations, some study tips and test taking tips,  As the semester goes on and as the gradebook gains assignments I will send home individual logins for you/your student to use to access their personalized page on our website. On this page, I will upload grades as well as attendance information within 48 hours of each calendar day. Each user account will have a unique login that is to be shared only between you and your student. Within this account, we will have the ability to communicate on a secure message server.  My hopes are to share this platform with other teachers at our school (and in our district) and promote the open yet secure lines of communication between families and faculty! Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions about our various methods of communication and class website! My phone number is 775-702-8953. If I’m unable to answer your call I will return your call within 48 hours, all I ask is you clearly state your full name and phone number. 

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Orr