School Success Tips!

Here are some studying tips to help you study more effectively: 

  • Take effective notes, don't just frantically write down what you hear/see. Focus on the concepts/objectives of the lesson, and use those to help guide your thinking and note taking for that day.
  • Get 8, yes 8, hours of sleep EACH night. Your body needs this time to rest, and your mind needs time to process everything you did today. 
  • If your current study strategy isn't working out, ask your classmates or me how they study and what "works" for them!

Here are some test taking tips to help you manage your time more effectively when testing: 

  • As soon as you get the test, "analyze" it. Flip through the pages, read all of the questions, see if you can answer any quick easy questions as soon as you read them!
  • Don't let a hard problem stump you, move on to other questions and come back to it after you've finished. Try to find some context clues/ideas in other questions that you can use to help answer the hard question
  • You never really learn anything the night before a test, so you're better off getting a full night of rest as opposed to staying up until the early hours of the morning cramming