Media Art!

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Welcome to Media Art!

In this course, students will experiment with a variety of design software and social media technologies and will be asked to assess them in relation to the creation and study of art. Students will be challenged to critically and creatively analyze the roles that technology and digital media play within our contemporary society and will be encouraged to explore the implications of these roles in their own lives. Specific digital sites of cultural (and countercultural) production will be explored, as will various methods of responding to these ideas in a creative and original way. An emphasis will be placed on understanding media, culture and technology as powerful artistic forms in their own right.

-Pen or Pencil (must be brought to class daily)
-Folder or binder specifically for Media Art
-USB drive (please see me if this is an issue)

Students will:
-Build and refine observation skills
-Utilize learned critical thinking techniques
-Become more aware of the impact design has on daily life
-Learn about contemporary art as well as periods in Art History
-Experiment with a wide variety of design software
-Think critically about how individuals function within their worlds and the impact that art has on social change.

Textbooks: Visual Literacy. Judith and Richard Wilde
Instructions, assignments, presentations, and notes will be given to students through out the semester.

1. Save all computer work on an external USB drive. DO NOT save work onto the computer's hard drive.
2. Be present and on time for class, participate in discussions and critiques, make efficient use ofclass time.
3. Complete all classwork, worksheets, homework, and assignments on time.
4. Be responsible hardware, software, and work area.

Grading Policy:
Grading will be done on a points-system / with each type of assignment worth a distinct number of points. Emphasis will always be placed on writing, sketchbook and larger scale assignments:
    •    Projects = 100 points each
    •    Tests/Exams = 100 points each
    •    In-Class Assignments = 50 points
    •    Quizzes = 15-30 points each (depending on length)
    •    Participation = 5 points each
    •    Homework = 5 points each

Due Dates: Students will be given adequate time to complete each assignment. Assignments not turnedin on time will receive a 10 point deduction in grade each day it is late. Unfinished work will receiveonly partial credit.

Make-Up Work: Upon returning to school following an absence it is the student’s responsibility tocontact the teacher, in order to request make up work. Students with an excused absence, per the office, have thenumber of days they were absent to makeup an assignment. Make up work will be done outside of classtime either in the mornings, after school or at home.Open studio hours will also be available, hours TBD.

Media Art 1 Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Media
    •    Students will be able to define media and understand the role it plays in their lives
    •    Students will discuss the differences between print, broadcast, and web media
    •    Students will learn how to treat equipment and general class rules

Unit 2: Nerd Art
    •    Students will learn how to optimize their web searches
    •    Students will be introduced to ASCII art- history and practice
    •    Students will become familiar with info graphics and data visualization, and how they can be used for social justice and activism

Unit 3: Image Manipulation
    •    Students will learn basics of Photoshop through tutorials and a special guest speaker
    •    Students will create self portraits using Photoshop software
    •    Students will look at the art of Chris Jordan and discuss relevancy and art making process
    •    Students will download mosaic software and create their own photo mosaic

Unit 4: Graphic Design
    •    Students will discuss the role of logos in advertising and marketing
    •    Students will learn the basics of Illustrator and create their own logo