Student Work

Photo Retouching

Students were asked to use Photoshop to retouch a photograph, or swap the faces of two people. We got some interesting results!

"Christian, The Last Airbender" (with Dubai as background), Pd. 1


"Nadine Fox", Pd. 1


"Alfred Pujols", Pd. 1


"All American Dontai", Pd. 3


"Hadelyn Keys", Pd. 3


"Frank-Rod", pd. 3


"True Mitchell", Pd. 1


"Katrel Granger", Pd. 3


"Ashley Stewart", pd. 1


"Tupac Smalls" by Lance Byrdsong, Pd. 3


Miya Thomas, Pd. 3


Samantha Torres, Pd. 3


Alida Meyers, Pd. 3


"Jamaal-Z", Pd. 1


"Katy Pitt" by Genesis Alvarez, Pd. 6


"Go'el Keys", Pd. 6



The Road Sign Problem

Using Photoshop, students had to create a road sign for different "areas" or ideas. Road signs need to communicate a message immediately and cearly; students had to figure out which images would work best on their road sign. 

Baseball Field:

JayQuan Riggins, Period 1

 Nadine Ramos, Period 1

Shaira Ramos, Pd. 3


Skydiver Landing Area:

Josiel Hidalgo, Pd. 6

 Devin Rodriguez, Pd. 1


 Archery Range:

 Ruben Blas, Pd.6

 Diondre Johnson, Pd. 1


Nerd Alert:

 Ruben Blas, Pd. 6

 Nadine Ramos, Pd. 1



Photo Mosaics: World Issues

Students were asked to create a photo mosaic using the MacOSaix program. Inspired by the artist Chris Jordan,  students created pieces that reflected a larger world issue.

 Alazy Doumah, Pd. 6


Katrel Perez, Pd. 3


 Susan Perez, Pd. 3


 Go'el Ellis, Pd. 6


Frankie Ortega, Pd. 3


 James Polite, Pd. 1




Students answer the question, "Why is it important to be Media Literate in the 21st century?":


"I think it’s important to be media literate because the way the Internet, TV, and other Internet-enabled devices can really become the “Thing” of the future, crippling traditional services like book publishers and newspaper publishers. I, myself feel that my career is in a bad standing as my future progresses because I create comic books, and over 1,000 comic books are turned into digital comic books for Ipods and PSP/PS3 systems almost every month. I like the way things are done now, ya know? Classic seems better for me."

                  -Andrew Hernandez, Period 6 


"Well, social media is becoming very popular. It’s not a fad anymore it’s a lifestyle. We’re revolutionizing and everyone has to adapt to it. So it’s important because soon knowing about social media will soon be a school subject.  If you don’t learn something about it then you will get left behind and become illiterate in someone that is supposed to be common knowledge."

                   -Jonathan Morales, Period 6


"It is important to be media literate because you have to be aware of all the things you read. The media sends lots information that people have to be able to understand. Many things are done through the media now and it is necessary to know how to use it. It is also necessary be media literate because you might want to avoid certain things on the internet. Being media literate comes as a helpful advantage."

                  -Manny Perez, Period 3


"I think its important because as the video said, in the future, the news will reach us via social media, not newspapers or even TV. Most people are on Twitter, and Facebook. (No one uses MySpace anymore. >_>) People don’t even TiVo shows that they’ll miss during the day. Most of them watch it at work."

                   -Jonathan Roberts, Period 1


"I think it’s important because that’s what everyone uses now for the work place and everyday life, you also get things done faster and recive information faster too. But mostly it helps you connect to the world."

                   -Allison Montanez, Period 1


"It’s important because you it helps you see how much media information we consume. It makes you realize that most of your life has been spent on the internet. Knowing that makes me want to spend more time in the outdoors because it just sad how easily we get sucked in to media entertainment. It also is important because it makes you all awae that  too many people depend on the internet. It can also help you lower your own consumption. Maybe if people knew they would use the computer as a resource rather than for entertainment."

                    -Jayraly Santos, Period 1