Homework Packet



DUE Monday October 4

 Understanding Objects - Draw a piece of furniture in your house. Sit in an area and observe the contour lines and shapes of this piece of furniture. Draw all the details you see in the furniture including decorations or the grain of wood. Establish a format or background for this piece. Include textures, gradations and interesting shapes.

DUE Tuesday October 12

Word Art - Make a work of art that is composed only of writing.  You may use some meaningful statements, poetry, quotations or ideas for your work. Your idea should be both visually complete and work with the text. Make sure to fill the object or image that you are trying to represent with words, as has been done with the image of Obama below.



DUE Monday October 18

Drawing With Alternate Elements - Create a composition using non-traditional materials or media.  These might be:  make-up; food substances; natural substances – crushed flower petals, berries, tea, coffee etc.; and other materials such as white out or shoe polish. Try to create a piece that you feel reflects the material you have chosen.

DUE Monday October 25

First, read the following quote and take a look at these two examples:

Whoever wants to know something about me (as an artist, the only notable thing) ought to look carefully at my pictures and try and see in them what I am and what I want to do." - Gustav Klimt

Now, think carefully about your belongings, however meaningful or trivial they may seem at a quick glance, and consider what they say about you, your personality, and your life. Set up a still life consisting of similar objects that will communicate some personal component of who you are.

Things to Consider:
-a light source. Dramatic lighting can enhance contrast and mood within an artwork (consider using a flashlight, table lamp, spotlight, candle, clip lamp, etc.)

-COMPOSITION! Always, always, always consider how you will arrange your composition and create a sense of VISUAL MOVEMENT throughout your artwork

-Repetition of similar objects or shapes to help move your eye around the work

-a wide range of value, from the darkest
darks to the lightest lights

-Background! What is in your background? Consider using fabric, different heights for your objects, etc. A drawing with no background is not a complete drawing, but rather objects floating in nothingness.

-a sense of space (foreground, middle ground, background)


DUE Monday November 1


It’s almost Halloween – So you have 2 choices. One, you can design your own Halloween costume! Be as creative and thoughtful as possible, and remember, the sky is the limit! Use magazine clippings, string, charcoal, paper, anything! Two, think of your greatest fear and draw a monster that represents this fear. Feel free to add collage to this as well. Write me a paragraph as to what you chose and why.


Due Monday November 8

Split Personality - Find a magazine or newspaper photograph of a person place or thing. Make sure this image is at least 8 x 10. Cut the image in half and glue it down in your sketchbook. Using a pencil, pen or ink (a combination of these is fine as well) recreate the other half of the image. Anything you choose to draw is fine as long as the lines connect and the composition is well planned and thought out. The techniques used in the drawing should somehow mirror the techniques used in the image so that the two can connect.

DUE Monday November 22

(See image below for an example) Using Value for Emphasis - Design a simple landscape that features one tree or bush that has a personality. Show us the branches and the root system. Make it interesting--show us the bulges, the swirly textures, the way the forms twist and turn. OUR EMPHASIS IS ON LEARNING TO SHADE THINGS AND MAKE THEM LOOK THREE DIMENSIONAL. Nothing in the drawing should look flat. Use a wide range of values--light and dark tones. Position your form in the foreground and show us what is in the background. Do not position your focal point in the center of the page.

DUE Monday November 29

Journal Entry – Write two to three paragraphs describing one of the projects or pieces you have worked on this term. It can be a sketchbook assignment or an in class project. Explain what you were trying to communicate and why. Was it influenced by any of the art we looked at or any of the ideas we have discussed?

DUE Monday December 6th

Sketchbook Cover - Everyone's sketchbook looks very similar. For this assignment you will create an interesting cover that allows yours to really stand out from the crowd. Drawing, painting, spray paint, collage, etc. are a few solutions. Fill the cover and make it your own. If you need gesso or other materials, see me, we will most likely have a day where we begin this work in class.

On Friday December 17th I will check your sketchbook to see that everything is complete and to make sure you have started on your final project. Please read the directions very carefully for the final project and get started ASAP. You do not want to spend your whole break working on this so make sure you start now! You will only have one week of classes after break before you sketchbook is due.


DUE Monday January 10th



This assignment is designed to allow you to experiment with mixed media drawing processes. Keep in mind this is more open ended compared to past assignments, and will allow room for you to be self-directed and explore.

So, here we go:



Select five drawings from previous sketchbook assignments from this semester. Work back onto each of the five drawings. You must follow the constraints listed below as a minimum guideline, however you may choose to experiment additionally with imagery, pattern, color, & media. When collaging, try gluing/taping/sewing items down to secure them to your sketchbook page.


1. Each drawing must use at least four different media. Since sketchbook drawings that you are picking from already use one medium (such as graphite or ink), you will add three more to make a total of four.


2. You must collage magazine paper as one of the four required media. For example, say you select a still life drawing, your final mixed media drawing could include ink, graphite, collaged magazine paper, and fabric. You are welcome to go a step further and include other media. Any media is ok to use for this project as long as you start with a drawing you already did for a sketchbook assignment and you collage magazine paper.


3. Each of the five drawings must include a pattern in the composition. You can find pattern in magazines, on fabric, decorative paper, etc.


4. Consider unity, movement, balance and color. 


5. Explore other materials such as office supplies, tape, sewing, tracing paper, newspaper, maps, fabric, paint, colored pencil, watercolor, organic objects, lace...and the list goes on and on...


Here are some examples of a sketchbook mixed media work by John Copeland. I have high expectations for the time spent and quality of this assignment.