Design Your Learning


Your WEP is an opportunity for you to design your learning.  It consists of different parts.  As you explore these parts, be sure to give me hard copies of anything you & your parents would like me to add to your WEP here at school.Follow these steps to design your learning: 

Ask your parents to read the parent letter link.

Explore who you are as a learner. 

You may try the following inventories or locate others through your own research.  Please, always be careful not to give out confidential information such as your name and address.

1.      INTERESTS       go to the ‘interest’ link above

2.      LEARNING STYLE     go to the ‘learning style’ link above  

Create your unique project to research.  Explore the following.  Then, to begin your project, create a rubric & share it with your teacher/s & parents to refine it.  The rubric helps you organize your learning by setting goals & directing your learning.

1.      CONTENT.  Course of study for your grade level. 

2.      PROCESS.  Task cards to mix & match the type of thinking you’d like to do.   

3.      PRODUCT.How you would like to share what you learned.  Multiple Intelligences.  

4.      ASSESS.Before you present, be sure to complete the rubric & add anything you might’ve missed.