INTEREST INVENTORYIf you would like, please share interests that you have.  Following are ideas.  You may save the following to Word.  Then it would be easier for you delete, change, or add questions...  & also to change the amount of space between the questions.Name ………………………………………..   Date………………….


What are your favorite sports? Do you participate or mainly observe?

Do you have hobbies?  Do you like to make things? If so, what?   What tools do you have at home?

Do you have pets? If so, what are they?   If not, what  pets would you like to have?

Do you collect things? If so, what?  If you could collect anything, what would you collect?

Do you take private lessons (piano, dance, etc.)? If so, what?

What other things do you that aren’t listed above? In the evenings, on weekends or vacations?


About how many hours a day do you watch TV during the week? On weekends?  What TV programs do you like?

What movies have you liked?

What singers & musical groups do you like?

What musical groups do you like?

Do you enjoy computer games? If so, what kinds?  


Do you enjoy reading?  What genre do you like?  Are there any specific titles/authors you especially liked? If so, name them, & tell what it was about them that captivated you.

Do you use the school/public library? Often, seldom, or never?

Do you like magazines, comic books, newspapers, or? If so, what?

What topics do you enjoy (animals, sports, people, space travel, how-to books, etc.)? If you were going to start a book club, what kinds of books would your club read? 

Educational Interests

What careers interest you?   Have you read anything about this career? Which museums have you visited that you enjoyed?  What was it that excited you?Think of a great teacher you’ve had.  Describe what made this teacher so terrific.What do you know a lot about that hasn’t been mentioned?What topics would you like to know more about that haven’t been mentioned?If you could plan a field trip for learning, where would you go?  Tell why. 

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