Multiple Intelligences Checklist 

The theory of Multiple Intelligences is based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s research.  He identified eight possible ways that each of us prefer to think, learn, and share what we have learned.  We probably learn most easily in our areas of strength.  However, with practice, we can improve our ability in other areas.


The following checklist is not scored.  It shows ways you may prefer to share what you have learned.  You may fill in the boxes with ideas to present your research!


Name…………………………………….   Grade………….    Date…………………….. 



___ I easily create stories based on real life events &/or fictional events

___ I am very verbal and enjoy telling information & facts.  This could be with others or only in my head.

___ I readily engage in dialogue with others about topics of interest.

___ I easily put my ideas into writing.

___ I enjoy reading and research about topics of interest. 

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning by creating a BOOK, MAGAZINE, STORY, or…?  



___ I generally prefer to have my ideas &/or things to be organized.

___ I easily understand cause & effect.  I may like to guess what will happen next in a book or movie.

___ I enjoy organizing information into graphs or tables.

___ I readily engage in questions about technology & how to get a computer program to work.

___ I enjoy advanced computer games. 

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning by creating a GRAPH, GRAPHIC ORGANIZER, POWERPOINT, or…?  



___ I enjoy sketching ideas &/or pictures.

___ I like to draw precisely and use elaborate detail.

___ I need to see how things are done to help me remember the steps.

___ When I need directions, it helps me to see a map.

___ I still love to look at picture books.

___ When I read stories, it’s easy for me to create pictures in my head of the events, settings, & characters. 

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning by creating a PICTURE BOOK, COMIC BOOK, CARTOONS, or…? 



___ I enjoy being physically active.

___ While I am learning, I would rather do something that relates to the topic than only hear or read about the topic.

___ I enjoy theatrical pursuits, such as skits & plays. 

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning by writing a script & acting it out, constructing or building something that ties to the topic, conducting an experiment that has been approved, or…? 



___ I have a strong interest in vocal &/or instrumental music.

___ I enjoy composing or replicating music. 

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning by researching lyrics from a time period being studied in class, creating songs that help memorize information, or…? 



___ I enjoy learning with other people (who I like) in small group &/or whole group settings.

___ I find I am able to easily influence others’ opinions &/or actions.

___ I like to take charge of a group…  & try to organize & motivate its members.

___ I often understand the feelings, thoughts, & motivations of other people without them telling me these things.  

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning by working on a group project, or…? 



___ I really like to research by myself.

___ I am very independent & understand how to set my own goals, so no one has to monitor my follow-thru.

___ I enjoy taking time alone to reflect on ideas.  

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning through an independent research project, or…? 



___ I have a strong interest in learning more about nature & animals.

___ I easily put information into categories.

___ I am always aware of my surroundings & how each environment is different.

___ In a classroom, I rarely miss anything that anyone says or does.

___ I enjoy asking questions about places & settings 

___ It’s easy for me to adapt to new surroundings.  

 ___ I may enjoy sharing my learning by working on something to improve a part of my school community, or…?