Student/Parent Handbook

Student/Parent Handbook

Classroom Expectations:

All Winfield-Mt. Union rules will apply in our classroom. Students are also asked to:

  • Show respect (to other people, the environment and yourself).
  • Do your best (which requires believing in yourself, being prepared and always trying as hard as you can).
  • Come to class prepared and on time (with all materials for that day). PLEASE MAKE SURE COMPUTERS ARE CHARGED BEFORE CLASS!
  • No cellphones are to be used in the classroom unless otherwise told (we may use cellphones for activities and projects). No texting, social media, snap chat, instagram, twitter, etc.
  • Computers will be used in the classroom (students are to be on task and looking at appropriate websites related to the class at all times). 
  • No food in the classroom unless it is water or dry snacks.
  • Turn your work in on time. Late work is automatically 50% (I will send out reminders when projects are due or if there is something important coming up that students and parents should know about for my classroom. I may not always do this but due dates are posted on my white board a week or so in advance. Students will always know of due dates).
  • Have a positive attitude! This year is going to be a lot of fun for everyone! I am very excited to try some new things and have the students try new things as well!
  • Windfield-Mt. Union Handbook 



I am a "project based" teacher so a lot of my teaching and assessments are going to be done through projects, simulations, games, research, quizzes, tests, etc. Students will be working on things individually, with another partner, and in small and large groups.

There will not always be a grade every week for the students because it is a project based classroom but you will be able to follow what the class is doing on Google Classroom. This is tentative of what my grades will look like and what the students will be graded on for their semester grade:


100 (may be more or less) pts.- Tests and Papers (40% of total grade)

100-200 (may be more or less) pts. Projects (30% of total grade)- This includes mini projects within large key unit concepts, unit projects- Within this grade, presentations, in class work, and respect for others presentations will be included in this grade. 

10-50 pts. (may be more or less)- Homework (20% of total grade)- This includes classwork, quizzes, readings/notes, videos/notes

Points vary- Simulations/Debates (10% of total grade)

All homework, projects, classwork, readings, notes, etc. are automatically 50% if it is turned in late. Students are given the due dates a week or so in advance. 


All homework, projects, papers, tests, classwork, readings, notes, etc. are due at the beginning of class on their due date. If students are working on their assignment after the beginning of class, and doing it during class, then it is considered late. Enough time is given in class and before the due date where students are able to get their assignments completed before the beginning of class. 


The percentage is how each topic will hold weight to their grade. Grades on projects, homework, research papers, quizzes, and tests will vary depending on the topics and lesson.


Dates to Know 2017-2018:


Aug. 23- 1st Semester Begins

Sept. 4- Labor Day (No School)

Sept. 22- No School, PD Day

Oct. 9- No School, PD Day

Oct. 27- End 1st Qtr. (45 days/288.5 hrs)

Nov. 2- P/T Conferences 4:00-8:00 pm

Nov. 3- P/T Conferences 8:00-12:00 pm (No School)

Nov. 22-24- Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 22- Jan. 1- Winter Break


Jan. 2- PD Day

Jan. 3- Classes Resume

Jan. 12- End 1st Semester (89 days/571.6 hrs)

Jan. 12- End 2nd Qtr. (44 days/283.1 hrs)

Jan. 16- Begin 2nd Semester

Jan. 15- MLK Day (No School)- PD Day

Feb. 16- No School

Feb. 19- Presient's Day (No School)- PD Day

Mar. 6 & 8- P/T Conferences 4:00-8:00 pm

Mar. 9- No School

Mar. 23- End 3rd Qtr. (44 days/283.1 hrs)

Mar. 30- No School

Apr. 2- No School

May 28- Memorial Day

May 29- End 4th Qtr. (44 days/283.1 hrs)

May 29- End 2nd Semester (91 days/585 hrs)