About Me

About Me!

I first obtained my Associates in Arts degree from Centralia College where I played Left Field on the baseball team. I then obtained my Degree in teaching at Grand Canyon University. While attending GCU I also worked as a Paraeducator for special education at a high school. Along with teaching I am also a baseball coach and a Special Olympics coach.

Classroom Phyilosophy

In my classroom, I will promote Jeanne Gibb’s Tribes model. This model will suit my classroom best because it causes students to; “help each other work on tasks, set goals and solve problems, monitor and assess progress and celebrate achievements” (About Tribes). In my classroom, the students will be each other’s biggest support after myself. This is why the tribes model is what I will promote. When students help each other, they tend to look after themselves as well. Setting goals are also very important to be successful in the classroom setting. Therefore, when a student helps others with goals they get the same in return causing them to be successful. Celebrating achievements gives the students motivation because whenever a person knows there is a reward, they tend to work harder towards their goal.