Mr. Pecson's 2nd Grade Class


Please send a notebook with your child. I will be using this to communicate with you every day. I will also post current pictures on this website along with sending out weekly emails. For communication details please see the contact tab.

What Your Child is Learning!!!

The first week of class your children will be learning about Photosynthesis as well as different types of plants. They will learn the different parts of a plant and how they work. We will be doing an art assignment that shows a plant and all of the parts.

Behavioral Expectations

Your children are expected to follow all of the class rules. I expect each and every one of them to respect each other and to use appropriate language at school. When using computers, students are expected to follow school guidelines on computer use. If they are found not obeying the schools’ rules, they will be suspended from computer use.

Rules and Consequences


  • No talking out of turn. Students must raise their hand if they would like to speak. In order to speak, they must be called on by me. This will give every student an equal opportunity to talk.
  • Be kind to your peers. Each student must respect their peers. I will explain to them that they need to treat others how they want to be treated.
  • Listen to the teacher. It will be very important for students to be listening to me with their 100% undivided attention. This will help them know what they need to be doing during assignments and if there is anything new they need to know.


  • Each student will get one warning.
  • After first warning the student will lose half participation credit and have a letter sent home.
  • After second warning student will lose gold star
  • After third warning student will lose all participation credit and fun privileges for the day and be sent to the timeout chair.

Reward System

When it comes to a reward system, I will have a basic system. Each student will receive a gold star every day for good behavior. The star will be worth a total of 500 points. At the end of every two weeks, I will have an auction in the classroom. This auction will consist of candy, treats, privileges, etc. Each item in the auction will be worth a certain number of points and students will be able to bid to win certain things. Students must also complete all of their work for the day to earn points.  

Extra Credit

Students will be sent home with an extra credit opportunity on the first and third Wednesday of the month. They will be expected to turn in their extra credit work by the following Friday. Extra credit is not mandatory but will be very beneficial if a student struggles with their work.

Homework Expectations

I do not plan on sending much homework home. If I do not send a homework assignment home with your child, I would like for you guys to hangout as a family as much as possible. Then your child can write what you guys talked about and bring it to school to share with the class.

Late Work and Tardiness

Every day a student is late turning in an assignment they will lose a percentage of their grade.  The first day is 5%, the second day is 10%, the third day is 15%, the fourth day is 25% and every day after that the assignment will only be worth 50%.

Students are expected to be to class on time every day. If your child is running late please shoot me an email and send a note in with your child.

Grading System

The grading system will be mainly participation. I understand that your children are only 7-8 years old and each of them are learning at different rates. This being said their grade will reflect 60% participation and 40% work. Extra credit will only be added to their work percentage and they will only be able to add to their 4 worst assignments.



Thank you!
William Pecson