MAE Honor Society

MAE Honor Society
To remain a member of MAE’S Honor Society the following rules must be followed.


· New members must be enrolled at Marengo Academy for at least one semester.

· Each member must maintain an overall average of 90 or above.

· If a student’s grades fall below 90, he/she will be on probation for one semester or until average is up to 90 or above.

· Each student must show outstanding behavior and set an example for younger students.

· If a student is suspended or expelled from school he/she will no longer be a part of the Honor Society.

· Each student must pay the $5.00 membership fee.

Honor Society Pledge
I hereby declare
That I will always do my best
To make good grades
To be honest and truthful at all times
To be of service to my teachers and classmates
To conduct myself in a well mannered way
To reflect credit upon my school and community