About Me

I have been a teacher for the Southeastern School District for 25 years.  The first five years of my employment with this district I taught at Higby Elementary and was assigned to teach reading to all third - sixth grade students.  I also taught art to second grade students.  The next five years I worked at Richmond Dale Elementary as a fourth grade total inclusion teacher.  It was during these years that I mastered differentiated teaching and learning with the help of my inclusion specialist, Mrs. Anderson.  Mrs. Anderson and I were fortunate enough to work together as co-teachers for 15 years in fourth grade until she retired.  I then moved to third grade.  I have been teaching third grade exclusively for the past 5 years.    My teaching assignment for third grade this year is Reading, Writing, Science and Spelling.  I share these assignments with Mrs. Siders and Mrs. Pierce. 

I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Education from Ohio University.  I also received a Master in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College in 1999.  Since then I have taken many classes to stay current with teaching methods and core curriculum requirements.  I believe all students are important and capable of achieving great things.  With the help and support of parents and guardians as well as the guidance and dedication of educators, like myself and other excellent teachers I work with at Southeastern our students have no limits to what they can achieve.