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ANNOTATE an article?

Create a THESIS statement?


CITE my source?

             To CITE a source in a writing prompt you need to reference the PARAGRAPH where you found your evidence and then state what your evidence is.  EXAMPLE: In paragraph 1, Mrs. Walker said, "You need to CITE your source."

             To CITE a source in an essay or paper, Mrs. Walker may ask you to use the MLA, APA, or CHICAGO style.  These are the most common ways to cite sources when you are writing an essay in high school or college.  Historians have to let people know where they found their information, who wrote it, AND what each author said; historians also need to tell people which edition they used and when and where that edition was published (so other historians can find it).  All of these styles share this information in a different way; check them out....

EXPLAIN my evidence?