Mrs. Wallace's Classroom

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Mission Statement

As an educator, I believe that my students deserve an equal chance at success in my classroom and in life. The skills that students learn in the classroom must be pertinent to their lives, or there is no purpose. I understand the students learn differently, and will learn at different paces. By using a varied approach to classroom activities, assignments, and assessments, I hope to ensure the success of all of my students. My aim is that strengths will be highlighted, but students will also work to improved underdeveloped skills.

 As a person, I believe that the root of all relationships is respect. Respect is something that must be earned, and cannot be demanded or forced. I am a firm believer of the saying “In order to get respect, you must first give it.” I will always treat my students with the utmost respect, and expect that my students will also be respectful of me. I believe in the student-centered approach to teaching. This means that I will act as a facilitator in the classroom, and support student learning but will also give my students responsibility over their education and teach them to make good choices. I feel this is a skill that will serve them in the rest of their formal education, and continue on after their schooling is complete.