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Google Docs

Google Apps

Discovery Education Dashboard


Educational Games

Educational Games # 2

Study Jams


Khan Academy

Khan Academy Coach

Moby Max Sign In

Front Row Sign In

M-Step Practice

Sports Illustrated For Kids

NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Watson's Go To Birmingham

Indoor Recess Games


Social Studies Links

Geography Games

States and Capitals Quiz Practice

Quizlet NE States and Capitals

NE States and Capitals Memory

Southeast Region States and Capitals

Southeast Region Memory

West Region States and Capitals

Southwest Region States and Capitals

Bill of Rights

Congress For Kids

Ben's Guide To Government

A Kid's Guide To Government

Midwest States and Capitals

50 States and Capitals Memory

Language Arts Links

Reader's Theater Plays

Dictionary Website

Story Line Online

Lexile Book Leveling

4th Grade Reading Series Link # 1

Typing Lessons

Typing Games

More Typing Games # 2

Greek Mythology

Myths, Folktales, and Fairy Tales

Vocabulary Activities

Spelling City

Point Of View Game

Predicting Practice

Read Works On-line Class Code: G5KZVH

Summarizing Practice

Quotation Slide Show

Red Ink

Compare and Contrast Essay

Main Ideas and Details

Persuasion Writing Map

Author's Purpose Game

Reading Comprehension Weblinks

Revising and Editing Practice

Science Links

Earth, Moon, and Sun Activity

San Diego Zoo Animals

Animal Research

Animal Research # 2

Animal Research # 3

Animal Research # 4

Animal Research # 5

Animal Research # 6

Earth, Moon, and Sun Activities

Animal Adaptations

Food Chain Activities

Fossil Activity

Fossil Websites

Rube Goldberg Video Samples

States of Matter

Math Links

Sheppard Software Games

Khan Academy Mappers

Xtra Math



Area and Perimeter

Perimeter Game

Area Game

Customary vs Metric Measurement Practice


Comparing Decimals On Number Line

Fraction Games


Multiplication Facts Practice

Long Division Steps

Math Games

Multiples Game

Factor Game

2 Digit By 2 Digit Multiplication

Equivalent Fraction Bingo

Equivalent Fraction Triplets

Ordering Fractions Game

Equivalent Fraction Memory

Improper/Mixed Number Fraction Game


Coding Links

2016 Coding Links

Mine Craft

Star Wars