Class Photos

This is our "gathering place" where we will meet as a large group from time to time.  The "Super Bag" can sit up to 3 people.  It's huge!!!

Halloween girls!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween party pumpkin bowling!

Halloween party bingo!!!!

Our classroom desks are setup in teams.  We will do a lot this year working with our teammates.  The team names are Caledonia Crushers, Fighting Scots, Caledonia Crunch, Emmons Energizers, and Soaring Eagles.  Get to the open house a little early and pick what team you want to be on.  First come first serve! smiley

This is a picutre of our reading corner.  You will be able to read back here each week.  I will have a schedule posted in the room so you know what day you get to read in this very comfortable space.  wink

Wrapping up our first week in style! Just chilling prior to Thursday Fun Time! 

Go Noodle brain break time! Milkshake!!!!! laugh

State Capitol building!!! Our tour guide giving us instructions before the tour.

The kids were able to sit on the glass floor and learn about the different flags that represented Michigan in the Civil War.

At the Hall of Justice the kids were able to take part in a mock trial.  

Wanless Winners getting a little silly in the reading corner! cheeky

The kids worked in groups to investigate different forms of energy.

The 4th graders were able to visit SarahCare Adult Day Center and spread some Christmas cheer! 

Santa stopped by at SarahCare to wish us all a Merry Christmas!

The kids pretended to work in a Hershey Chocolate Factory.  They learned about mass production and it's benefits and faults.