Biology Homework

2nd Quarter Homework

Remember: You must complete 20 Points of homework for each week.  Extra points will be extra credit for homework.

ALSO: If you did not finish the activity, thought question, and poll for Achieve3000 that becomes homework.  You can access the website at 


 WEEK 11

5 points: Tell me the 3 parts of the cell theory in your words.

5 points: How does an animal cell different from a plant cell? What is a eukaryote?

5 Points: In your opinion, which 3 organelles do you think are the most important?

10 Points: Find a science article related to what we’ve been talking about in class so far. Write a 2 paragraph summary.

10 Points: Choose one of the scientists I have mentioned in class this week. Do some research and write 1 paragraph about his life and 1 paragraph about his contribution to science

10 Points: List all of the organelles that we have studied along with their function.

10 Points: Draw a picture of your own animal cell and plant cell. Get creative!



5 pt:  What is the difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
5 pt: Name the 5 jobs of the cell membrane.

5 pt: Why is the cell membrane also called the phospholipid bilayer?

10 pt:  Describe the phospholipid bilayer.  Use the terms hydrophilic, hydrophobic, heads, tails, and layer.

10 pt: Explain the job of each of the four types of membrane proteins.  Include if they are integral or peripheral proteins.

10 pt:  Explain the different ways substances can be transported in to and out of the cell.



5 pt:  What is the difference between osmosis and diffision?

5 pt: Compare and contrast passive and active transport.

5 pt: Why is the cell membrane selectively permeable?

10 pt:  Explain the different ways substances can be transported in to and out of the cell.

10 pt:  Explain how ion channels, facilitated diffusion, and active transport work.

 WEEK 15

This week’s homework is to complete the monthly essay.  The essay should consist of 4 paragraphs plus a conclusion.  The December topic is as follows.  If you would like a graphic organizer to help you organize your thoughts they are sitting on the front black table. 

 Scientists know that the “Zombie Fungus” takes over an ant’s brain and then makes it climb up out of its home.  Once outside on the grass, the Zombie Fungus starts growing out of the ant’s head, killing the ant, and sprouting a mushroom.

 Imagine the Zombie Fungus has jumped to humans.  Explain two ways the Zombie Fungus could spread throughout the human race.  Also include, two ways your community could prevent the spread.