Mrs. Watkins' 4th Grade Website


The 2017-2018 school year will be an exciting learning experience for all of us. To help this year be successful, communication and cooperation between home and school will be of the utmost importance throughout the school year. This website was created to aide in that communication. Make sure to check this site often. It will be updated weekly (sometimes throughout the week) and it's a critical link in the home-to-school connection. 

In addition, if you would like to also receive reminders on your phone, you can sign up to recieve text messages about important dates and deadlines at  I will only see your name (not phone number) listed on my account. I will only send out important information, so don’t feel you’ll be overwhelmed with text messages! 

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you!


Mrs. Tiffany Watkins


My Mission...

To create a learning environment that is fun, engaging, exciting, and positive. I want your child to grow into an exceptional LEADER, while meeting all expectations. I want this this transformation to be something that your child is proud of, and is excited to talk about! I have high expectations for ALL of my students, however, I LOVE TO HAVE FUN TOO! My goal is for your child to be proud of their accomplishments, reach their goals, meet my expectations, and become an exceptional leader that is ready for the world! 

A Note To Parents... 

We are a team! I want to make sure that together we are always making the best decisions for your child. My classroom is always open! I will also keep the lines of communication open with frequent newsletters, emails, reminders, phone calls, and even visits to the classroom. I would love for you to do the same. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason! 


Things Happening This Week...


Important Announcements...




Our Daily Schedule... 

8:30-8:40            Arrival

8:40-9:00            Announcements/ Morning Work 

9:00-9:50            Specials

9:50-10:40          Core Extension 

10:40- 12:15        Math 

12:15-12:45          Lunch 

12:45-2:15            ELA (Reading/Writing) 

2:15- 3:00            Science/ Social Studies 

3:00-3:10             End of Day Procedures

3:10- 3:30            Recess