6th Grade Homework & Important Info


Week of  5/29-6/1

LANGUAGE ARTS -Saliba's class has a literature response due from Wonder on Wednesday - this should be well-written and formatted responding to the 3 prompts given in class.  Kessler's class already completed this assignment.

prepositions - Prepositional page #21 due Wednesday - do not re-write sentence, circle prep phrase and draw an arrow to the noun that is modified.  Assessment on this material Thursday 5/31 - study packet to prepare

Picture prompt short fiction piece due Friday.  Braninstorming notes (today in class), draft and final (typed or neatly handwritten will be turned in Friday, June 1st.  Pay attention to brainstorming list of really bad words, verbs to beware of... and use precise wording.

AR - non-fiction requirement due May 30, pace reading to complete genre checklist by last week of May, work towards point goal, study AR review vocabulary  

SCIENCE - vocab assessment on Friday, June 1 for chapter 12 lesson 1 and 2

 Math-work on projects to present on Wednesday and Thursday this week

Religion-  power point presentation due Monday, June 4th for Kessler, Tuesday, June 5th for Saliba (will have a lot of in-class time to prepare), 2 scans and 10 minutes of MFF

SS-project due June 4th