Mr Webster's Classroom

Dear Parent/Guardian

I hope that you and your family are enjoying this wonderful spring weather. I would just like to take this opportunity to update you on a few things that have been going on as of late and will continue to go on over the next few weeks. Over the next several weeks we will be having two student teacher's in our classroom from Queens University Concurrent Education program. Ms. Marina Deere Ms. Magda Marczuk will be joining the classroom, to assist in helping the Gr. 6 students in their preparation for their EQAO testing in June. Ms. Barton who has officially finished her time here in the classroom has agreed to continue on in a volunteer basis and will continue to help the class prepare for our dramatic performance at the end of the month.


In Language we are beginning to finish up reading the Maze Runner and will begin culminating activities in the next few weeks. In addition students have been writing and practicing their speeches in anticipation of our public speaking contest later on this week. The top 3 students from the class will be selected to perform their speech for the school in the gymnasium on Thursday May 10th. Should your son/daughter be selected we invite you to come in and join us on that day. In addition, students are continuing their work on their anti-bullying PSA videos. These will hopefully be done over the next couple of weeks.


Both groups (6's and 7/8's) have recently completed a unit on Ratio and Rate and are currently working on a measurement unit on Surface Area and Volume. Students will be having a variety of mini-assessments before our final unit on Geometry in the next few weeks.

Religion/Family Life

          In religion/family life, we will be continuing to develop our understandings of prayer and relationships through our work in Circle and prayer writing. In addition we will be working on Unit 3: Created Sexual: Male and Female in Fully Alive over the next few weeks. The girls of the class will be working with Ms. Amell and Ms. Marczuk, while the boys will be working with me. A permission form covering some of the topics we will be discussing will be coming home over the next week. Please have a look and sign. If you feel like this is a topic you would prefer to cover with your son/daughter, then other work will be arranged for your son/daughter while we are working on this unit.

History/Social Studies

In History/Social studies, students will be examining the impact governing powers have on justice and other values that were important to many different Canadian communities. Gr. 6 students will be looking at the impact early European Explorer’s had on our First Nations people, while the 7/8’s will be examining various Rebellions, and whether or not justice was served.        


Students have been conducting and performing a variety of Science labs to familiarize themselves with the Scientific Method in preparation for their project that is due May 28th. Students at this point will be working independently on their projects and must be ready to explain their project on the due date. Class time will be given to students to work on the poster board portion of their project, however the experiment and data collection is to be done at home.

Health & Phys-Ed

            In Phys-Ed we will be focusing our next unit on fitness. Students are asked to make sure they have proper gym attire (running shoes, shorts/tee-shirt) on Monday’s and Wednesdays for the remainder of the year. In addition on May 16th, we will be going to St.Lawrence College to participate in a variety of workshops based on proper safety procedures. Students are asked to bring a lunch that day.  The cost is free, and this will count toward their final Health grade for the term.


The students finished their drumming with Ms. Compeau and are currently working on a dance unit with Ms. Macphereson. In addition the students worked on an aluminum etching art activity with Mr.Piribauer depicting the life of Canadian settlers opening up the west. Students work will be on display and for auction Monday May 7th at 6:30pm at the schoool. Parents are asked to come and bid on their son/daughter's artwork and stay for school council.  Finally, our Dramatic Performance this year with Mary Greenspan and her KYAC team will take place on May 22 at 6:30pm at St.John the Apostle Parrish. Parents and family members are invitied to attend with the cost of admission being a donation to the local food bank.

Should you have any questions or concerns, again feel free to write me a note in your child’s agenda or to give me a call at the school. 613-542-1437.


Mr. Webster