My Classroom Website

Welcome to our new class website!!!!

This new website was designed to help students and parents to keep updated and in the loop to all the happenings in our classroom. This webpage will have lots of helpful information such as: grades, upcoming events, calendar of event, and homework assignments. Feel free to use the website anytime!!! Invite your parents to look at our new site!!!


Math problems 1 through 10:Monday Spelling: Popcorn Words: Tuesday
Social Studies, Create a Map: Wednesday Science: What's the difference between mammals/reptiles: Thursday
AR Reading:Friday  

smiley Good Job! yes

The following students have done excellent this week!

John D., Megan A., Lisa W., Mike F.

Good Job on Staying on Task all week!!!!!


This month all students must remember to turn in their blue sheets letting the school know if they will be attending this school next year. Also rememeber to bring in your permission slips for the field trip! Thank you guys and hope everyone has a great weekend! Also summer is coming up very soon, if any parents need help finding information about summer programs, please contact the front office!

Important Dates
April 8th: Early Release Day
April 4th: End of the 9 weeks
April ____: FCAT

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Phone: ___-____-____

School Phone:_________

School website:________

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions!!!