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http://illuminations.nctm.org/ActivityDetail.aspx?ID=12 factor

http://fen.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/shtml.cgi?A1=../penguin/index.html penguin waiter

http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/statprob2.html bean prob

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Ten Ways To Reduce
Math Anxiety

1. Overcome negative self-talk.
Ask questions.
Consider math a foreign language -- it must be practiced.
Don't rely on memorization to study mathematics.
5. READ your math text.
6. Study math according to
7. Get help the same day you don't understand.
Be relaxed and comfortable while studying math.
"TALK" mathematics.
10. Develop responsibility for your own successes and



Multiplication Bombardment (Submitted by Shawna) NEW

Spread paper plates out on the floor. Write multiplication problems on index cards (or use

flashcards) and place upside down on plates. Players throw bean bags or paper airplanes at

plates, turn over the card and say the product. If correct, he keeps the card and it is

replaced with a new card. If wrong, turn card back over for another player to try to hit.

Player with the most correct “hits” when card are out (or time is up) wins.

POW (Submitted by Rob and Kim) NEW

Materials: set of flash cards, post-it notes

This is a quick & easy flash card game that allows students of all abilities an equal chance to

win. Write the word "POW!" on several post-it notes (approx. one POW to every 8-10 flash

cards) and stick the POW notes on flash cards throughout the deck. As you go around the

room, students take turns answering one fact at a time. The object of the game is to collect

the most flash cards, by answering the facts correctly. If they answer correctly, they get to

keep the card. If they answer incorrectly, they do not get to keep the card. If their fact has a

"POW!" on it, they surrender all of the cards that they have accumulated so far. Play

continues until you reach the end of the flash card deck or after a pre-determined amount of

time has passed. Students love the randomness of the game and how quickly the game can



Break My Eggs

Write numbers in the bottom of egg cartons.

Put two manipulatives in the egg carton.

Close the lid and have the students shake the carton and multiply the two number together.

They can play as teams and keep score

FACTS BASEBALL (Contributed by Lisa)

Choose two teams.

Set up 3 bases, teacher is the pitcher (with flashcards)

Students are shown fact card, he states the fact and the answer. If he is correct he moves

to 1st base. I he misses it, he goes to the end of the line for the next student to try. (use a

different flashcard).

Each time a student answers correctly, the runners move around the bases. The only time

the team scores is if someone makes it all around to home plate. You may want to add

some doubles, triples or homerun cards (challenging) for a variation. Three strikes and

you're out The next team plays. Use the chalkboard (or a homemade board) to keep up

with the score and outs and innings.

When a student misses a fact, I can guarantee you that they will not forget it again.

When I missed one, I would figure out the answer when I sat down and would never miss it

again. It was embarrassing.

The team that is up to bat stands in a line. The other team sits in their desks until their turn

to bat. We changed teams every 9 weeks so we could name our team.

This game can be used for any math game using flashcards ( Addition, subtraction,

multiplication, and division).

If you like baseball you will love this game




(from: http://www.mead354.org/uploaded/District_Office/LS/Curriculum/Math/Math_Resources/Simple_Math_Games.pdf


Play “Domino Deal” for Math Review!

Math Facts

All ages

The time for mastering math facts is now! Your child can get a review of addition, subtraction,

multiplication and division facts in an interactive game using dominoes you probably have. Give

your student a much needed break from those drill sheets and have some fun at the same time.

“Domino Deal” will motivate your child to practice math facts and prepare her/him for the

more challenging math that lies ahead!

What You Need:

· dominoes

· paper

· pencil

What You Do:

Level 1:

Deal a stack of dominoes to each player. Player 1 begins by pulling a domino from his stack and

adding the top number to the bottom number on the domino. For example, if the domino’s top

number is 4 and bottom number is 2, Player 1 adds 4 +2 = 6. Player 2 repeats this process using

a domino from her stack. Both players should write the sum of their dominoes on a piece of


Level 2:

Both players multiply the two sums together. The player who calls out the correct answer first

wins the round. Continue playing in this way until one player wins 10 rounds!

Level 3:

Take the game to a higher level by adding a couple of steps. Both players should pull two

dominoes from their stacks and add to get a total for each domino. Next, players multiply the

two sums from their dominoes and compare answers. The player with the highest number after

multiplying wins the round. Continue playing in this way until one player wins 10 rounds.

Level 4:

Practice division facts by reinforcing the concept of “fact families” while playing. For example,

if your child pulls two dominoes whose sums are 5 and 3, then multiplies to get 15, remind her

that 3, 5 and 15 make up a fact family:

3 x 5 = 15

5 x 3 = 15

15 ÷ 3 = 5

15 ÷ 5 = 3

Yet another option!: Practice subtraction facts by playing yet another version of the game.

Instead of adding the two numbers on the dominoes, subtract the smaller number from the

larger number. Then multiply both differences and compare the answers for a winner


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