Lesson plan for May 4- May 8

Good morning all,  

I hope May will be healthy for everyone.


Warm ups :

Toe heels - Do in every direction; front, back right, left

Heel toes -  Same

Shuffle step - same

Slap - brush step; again in place and in every direction and in place


Add "Pull backs "  - brush (R TOE), heel drop on l foot , step on right.

                         Practice in place, then add traveling and directional tap


Review previous combination:  4 toe heels, starting on r foot

                                                  4 shuffle steps, starting on r foot

                                                   4 heel toes.  Repeat 16 times


Add Pull backs  traveling back 16 counts worth


Repeat and redo until smooth, not perfect but smooth, with easy transitions.  Practice with beginning tap for children or 4th/5th graders online if possible.


With any music that is a 4/4 and is steadyall of the above steps.  Do them in the order I set as the routine then do them again in an order chosen by the student.  Students should be able to repeat and repeat the combination.