West Side First Grade

Welcome Back to School! We are very excited to work with you & your child this year.  We will be using this page as another way of communication between home and school.  This is the first year we have used a webpage for this purpose, so please be patient with us.  We are learning as we go.

Class news & events will be added to the page throughout the year to let you know what is going on in the classroom.  Updates on class units we are covering will be added as well as new skills being introduced. 

The first day of school is Monday, August 20th.  We will be sending home lots of information the first day that will need to be signed and returned.  You will also receive weekly updates on how your child is doing on classwork with the Thursday take home folder.  These papers will need to be left at home unless there is a stamp or sticker asking for it to be signed and returned. 

Our first unit of study will be on careers.  We will be learning about many different occupation by having guest speakers, doing research, and making our own class book about different careers.  You can encourage your child with this by talking about your job with them.  Discuss what you like about your job and what you had to do in order to get your job.  Did you have any special training or classes to take?  After Labor Day, we will have a career day for the students to dress up as their career choice.   More information will be sent home about this activity, so be looking in the Thursday folder for that. 

Thanks for your time,

Mrs. Peggy Davidson

Mrs. Teresa Birmingham