Kind Kindergarten


In the kinder computer classes, it's all about practicing mouse control and finger placement on the keyboards. Usually during class I open up Microsoft Word for them and review over the home row keys (ASDF JKL;) by asking them to do specific sets of letters (aaa, ddd, fff, sss, etc). I then have them spell easy words that are on the homerow keys, such as DAD, SAD, FAD. To challenge them, I will have them spell words such at HAT, CAT, SAT, MAT--these words require them to reach with specific fingers while still being on the home row keys. The words are short enough to practice keeping your fingers on the home row keys--which is important!! 

I also will ask them what letter they are studying for that week and will go over the sounds of the letter and different words that start with that letter as well. I then have them go to a great website called Starfall. This website has different activities for them to do which encourages learning to read. I urge you to use the site at home. It's really fun for them and sometimes I even get on it! Laughing

Starfall Website

This week we....

March 9-13


March 2-6

*Went on Microsoft word to practice the home row keys and we even spelled our names along with dog and cat.

*We also went over their letter of the week and talked about words that started with that letter. We then went on Starfall to practice that letter and then I had them practice the letter that their first name begins with!

*I missed Mrs. Fox's class this week but I'm happy that everyone had so much fun on their field trip!!  

February 23-27

*On Microsoft Word I had them practice the homerow keys. We spelled small words like cat, hat, bat.

* We then went over their letter of the week (W) and I had them tell me what words they learned that started with W. They are so smart!! =) I had them go on Starfall to work on the letter W and then they could do whichever activity they wanted.

February 16-20

*On Microsoft Word, I had them practice different letters on the home row keys. To challenge them, I had them even spell their names. They did really well!! It was exciting for them to be able to spell their name and see it up on the screen.

*We focused on the Letter I this week. We went over which words started with this letter. The kids had fun coming up with new words and were super excited to share their knowledge with me. Smile I had them go on the starfall website and work with the letter I. After they were done they were allowed to go onto whichever activity that they wanted. They really enjoy listening to the different stories and sharing with their friends what they are doing. Sometimes they forget that they have headphones on and really share LOUDLY what they are doing. It's very cute.

*We also went on pumpkin carving. This website has a pumpkin that you can carve with your mouse. It allows them to practice mouse control. Their hands are so small that sometimes they have a hard time grasping and controlling the mouse. I have added the website below so that perhaps you can practice with your child at home.