My Classroom Website

Welcome to my website! I have had great difficulty setting up a website, so I apologize for any inconvience this may have caused. I am very excited about working with your children.  We are all transitioning and learning the procedures of 4th grade.  Many of your children have most likely come home and expressed some concern about my classroom management, I am pretty strict, but I am very rewarding too.  I do have very, very high expectations and I apply these without bias to every student I teach.  All of your children bring something wonderful to my classroom environment and I care about them very much.  Although the transition may cause discomfort initially it will be well worth it in a few weeks.  So bare with me!  I encourage you to communicate with me as often as possible.  I want to hear from you, things you've done, and issues or concerns  you may have.  I spend a lot of time with your children and this will only help grow our relationship during the school year.  Please contact me via email as this is the best method to receive a quick response.  (